Jun 25, 2017

U Street

Once the home of a thriving jazz scene featuring Duke Ellington, U Street fell upon hard times following the 1968 riots.  The neighborhood has recently started regaining its footing with an eclectic mix of funky restaurants, bars, and shops.  One of the best restaurants in the area has been through it all and remained one of D.C.’s landmarks: Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Frequented by African American celebrities like Bill Cosby, the most recent famous visitor is President Obama.  Busboys and Poets, a restaurant/performance space, celebrates the legacy of Langston Hughes and provides a space for new poets to share their verses. 


   U Street

*Photo Credit: Destination DC


Brookland/ Northeast

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Elevated above the downtown of the city, President Lincoln made a small cottage here his home during the hot, muggy months of summer.  Near the cottage also stood a home for soldier’s wounded during the Civil War.  Both have now recently opened as a visitor’s site and research center.