Jun 28, 2017

Vilnius Lithuania Basics


Vilnius is unique European capital city at the crossroads between West and East, South and North. This special position is reflected not only by the variety of its architectural styles, but also by the spirit of the city. Historical Vilnius has wide cultural diversity: it was/is home to Lithuanian, Tatars, Poles, Jews, Russians, Germans, and Karaites. Multicultural influence gave a unique environment of the city. In 1994 the Old Town of Vilnius was included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage List.

The heart of Vilnius is built around certain hills, including one that is home to the basic architectural symbol of Lithuania – the tower of Gediminas’ Castle.

Gediminas was the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from 1316–1341. He glorified Vilnius to all that time Europe. 


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  The Vilnius TV tower

Find the highest building in Vilnius to see all surroundings of the city.

The highest building in Vilnius is the television tower. It is located in Karoliniškes district.  It has a total height of 326.5 metres, and at 165 metres the tower’s restaurant is the highest observation point in the city. The circular floor of the restaurant  gives people sitting at the tables by the windows an excellent bird’s eye view of the whole city. In TV tower you will explore new districts of Vilnius.


  Vilnius: The geographical centre of Europe

 French National Geographic Institute scientists pinpointed a spot 20 kilometres north of Vilnius as being the geographical centre of Europe.  Go through Moletai highway it is in the north of Vilnius, the exact location is near village Purnuškių ( 26 km from Vilnius). You can see the  monument there - a column of white granite with a crown of stars on top.   More far away In the north of Vilnius is Aukštaitija region. It is the land of
 beautiful lakes and forests where you can regain peace of mind.   

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