Jun 27, 2017

Welcome to Villa de Leyva, Colombia

This small colonial town is the perfect place to get lost for some time if you want to get away from hectic Bogotá. It has great climate and its people and atmosphere make it a top destination among locals in Colombia.   Located in between montains, this twon was founded in 1572 by Hernan Suarez de Villalobos, Villa de Leyva hosts some of the most important Precolombine archeological legacies as well as many natural atractions in its sorroundings. 

Additionally, Villa de Leyva hosts festivals and events that attract visitors who then can enjoy its excelent hotels, restaurants and shops.



Best Things to do

  • Walk the city
  • Rent horses and do an excursion
  • Check out the Dinosaur Fossil
  • See and buy art

Where to stay


On the way to Villa de Leyva, stop at the Salt Mines

A really great place to visit and unique in the world

Situated in the Town of Zipaquirá, the "Salt Cathedral" is a unique point of interest.  Former salt mines have been carved with religious forms to create what locals call "La Catedral de Sal".  The one that can be seen now was reconstructed after the former one got to dangerous to visit. Weddings, celebrations take often place here as it is a unique place...


Villa de Leyva best choices

Plazuela de San Agustin

I actually stayed here and we had a fabulous time!  The rooms all face cute interior patio where you can have breakfast.  It is located 10 minutes from the Plaza Central, but then again most of the town is... The hotel features a beautiful restaurant, romantic and cosy with a fire place, we never ate there but it looked great!!!