Jul 21, 2017

Piriapolis, Uruguay

Beautiful Piriapolis is located an hour away from Montevideo  and therty minutes from Punta del Este, in the department of Maldonado (departamento de Maldonado). Sometimes referred as the little Punta del Este, is a destination with beautiful beaches and it is perfect for weekend vacations. 25 kilometers of white sandy beaches and outstanding sceneries make Piriapolis a choice for many tourists who choose to come back year after year.


Hotel Colon            Hotel Colon    Playa la Rinconada Piriapolis                La Rinconada Beach      Cerro San Antonio

Cerro San Antonio





Piriapolis Pan de Azúcar

Not only brasil has the pan de azucar, in Uruguay there is a hill called Pan de azuca, home of nature activities

Cerro Pan de Azucar is the place for eco-adventure sports. A place for guided tours, mountain biking, an many other activities!

Pan de Asucar eco turismo and sponts      Pan de Asucar eco turismo and sponts      Pan de Azucar      Pan de Azucar      Pan de Azucar




Mystical Piriapolis 

Francisco Piria was the one who discovered these lands, in 1890 he purchased the south fields of Cerro Pan de Azúcar.

Francisco Piria found on those lands the scenery and the breathtaking combination he needed. He also found in Piriápolis the bio-energetic potencial in its purest state.

Don Francisco Piria was initiated  in the alchemy wisdom at early age. Applying that knowledge he disigned Piriápolis, in a precise geometric framework.

The road starts in the base stairs of the hill San Antonio, getting to the Gruta del Ave Fénix, continues with the Virgen Stella Maris.

After that we find out the Venus source.

At Cerro del Toro´s source, after we enter to the resting of Tauro (earth symbol), we can seat on the throne sides letting the water run underneath our feet.

We climb 33 steps up until we get to the sun´s seal, after we climb 26, 22 and 32 until we get to Leo feline, (fire symbol), if we keep going upstairs we find the Eagle, (air symbol).

On Route 37 he built a church, on the top he built a rosette of 8 petals that crown the temple. His eclectic style brick construction has 7 ojival arches inside that transmit the supports forces. The church, however, was never consecrated as such by the curia.

We continue the tour and 4 km later we find the Piria Castle founded in 1897.

Two greyhound dogs wich caught a hare, (mercury symbol), guard the entrance of the castle.

Dragos Palms decorate the garden, the tree that represents the alchemist.

Returning from the route to the sea we find the Pitamiglio Castle, but you can only see the front.

At downtown Piriápolis we find the Colón Hotel which was built to his youngest son, inside the hotel there is a painting exhibition, where the highlights are  the majolica and the black granite fireplace, quarried from the Cerro Pan de Azúcar.

A walk along the seaside explanade shows us the pilasters that decorate it, you can see a great variety of symbols. Across the promenade, we find the entrance of the Argentino Hotel, the most luxurious of all South America in 1930, the year of its inauguration.

Piriápolis is an energetic point founded by an alchemist who built this city according to his knowledge about alchemy.

Castle of Piria 

 Castillo de Piria



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