Jun 23, 2017

Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento was declared Historical Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1995. It is a privileged city of Uruguay, not only because of tourism but also because of its variety of cultural expressions.

A large number of tourists come Colonia's capital city, almost a magic town not only for its charm but aslo for its historic importance, and its beaches and other attractions. It is an inspiration place for artists.

It was built in 1680 by portuguese colonizers.


Colonia del Sacramento is not a typical city by the Rio de la Plata. It is special because it used to be a Portuguese community whic settled at this side of the river, before the Spanish. The portuguese style still shows in Colonia's Architecture

The "Door of the City", or Puerta de la Ciudadela is a perfect place to start knowing the town's charm and a perfect picture opportunity!


 Attractions in Colonia del Sacramento


Puerta Colonia de Sacramento

 The Door of the City of Colonia del Sacramento


The "Door of the City" (Puerta de la Ciudadela) is a perfect place to start knowing the town's charm and a perfect picture opportunity!

It was one of the entrance points to the country during the Portuguese colonization.




Mondo Uruguay Selections

Viceroy's House
Yacht Harbor
Portugues Museum
Place Ruins of the Chapel and San Francisco Convent
Street of Sights

Must see while in Colonia

  Spanish Museum

Housed in two buildings of the Portuguese period of the first half of the eighteenth century, contains many replicas of the Spanish period.

Casa Rosada (Casa Nacarello)

Portuguese construction of stone walls of the eighteenth century that was recycled and integrated into the Municipal Museum.

Mother Church

Construction started in 1695, rebuilt from 1800 on plans by Spanish architect Tomás Toribio. It features a sixteenth-century altarpiece.

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