Jul 23, 2017

Traveler Assistance


We provide traveler assistance in different areas to make sure your stay is a time of rest and tranquility. When we are in a foreign country, even the simplest things can become a problem.
We address your issues immediately as our priority.

Excellent human resources

24 hours at your service to coordinate your emergency

• Doctors

• Legal

• Security

• Babysitters


  Secretary Assistance

Legal consultations

When we travel, being unaware of foreign laws can bring unforeseen consequences. That is why a team of law professionals will advise and accompany you if needed.

• Embassies
• Consulates
• Transit
• Legal Procedures
• Citizenship, Visas, Documentation Loss
• Purchasing real estate and other goods

Bilingual professionals will be available 24 hours a day.



Private security


Private Security

Uruguay is characterized by its high degree of safety; it is rated as the safest country in Latin America.
We know that having private security increases safety and we make sure that this feeling of security translates into wellbeing and pleasure.
We have the leading private security firm in Uruguay, providing complete solutions for:

• Shows
• Bodyguards
• Surveillance
• Monitoring




Prices are in american dollars