Jul 26, 2017

SEATTLE Tips and Weather


Save a Dime Take advantage of the Metro bus system’s Ride Free Area to explore much of downtown without spending any money on fare. Look for the Ride Free placard as you board the bus between 6 a.m-7 p.m. Within the Ride Free area are Pioneer Square, the waterfront attractions, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Art Museum. Get off at South Jackson Street to walk short distances to the Seahawks’ Qwest Field or the Mariners’ Safeco Field. Seattle Center is a six-block walk from the Battery Street bus stop. 

Where is that Cab? Seattle does not have a big cab fleet. Save yourself time and effort by asking the staff at a hotel or restaurant to hail one for you rather than waiting for one to travel by on the street.

Mobile Parking Meters  Seattle has an innovative meter system for its street parking.  When parking on the street, find the "Pay to Park" station located nearby. Pay by cash or credit card, and the station will issue you a ticket to affix to your car window. Leaving your spot before the time on the ticket expires? Take your ticket with you to a new parking spot and continue to use the same ticket until the time runs out. Note: there is no charge to park in metered spots after 6 pm, and on Sundays and holidays.

Ban the umbrella  Nothing says Tourist more in Seattle than an umbrella. Yes, it rains but it comes down in a light mist more often than a deluge. So, instead of raising your bumbershoot, don a parka or raincoat and put up the hood. 

Celebrate Art  The first Thursday of each month gets you free admission to all the city’s art galleries including the Seattle Art Museum, Museum of History and Industry, and Seattle Asian Museum. Many smaller galleries host new artists showings that night as well, so venture down to Pioneer Square to check it all out.

Lake Washington Sundays  Seattle closes the stretch of road between Seward Park and Leschi to car traffic on Sundays in the summer. It’s a great opportunity to get out for a run or bike ride along the scenic shores of Lake Washington without worrying about car traffic.

Here Comes the Sun Late afternoons are the warmest time of day during Seattle springs and summers. Save those outdoor excursions for the 2-5 pm time slot and maximize your sun exposure.

Whatever to Wear?  Seattle fashion rarely extends beyond business casual. Even a visit to the symphony or theater will reveal people wearing jeans and comfortable attire. Leave the fancy togs at home.

Theater Seattle has one of the most educated, culturally-minded populations in the country – and it is also the furthest from Broadway as you can possibly get. Many theater acts perform in Seattle to fine-tune their acts before hitting the big stage in NYC. Check out the Paramount and 5th Avenue Theaters for the latest shows – with luck, you’ll catch a Broadway hit in the making!

The Scene Pick up a free copy of one of these tabloids at any market, grocery, or bookstore to find out the latest local entertainment offerings:  Seattle Weekly (; The Stranger ( Online, check out NWsource Seattle (, SeattleInsider ( or City Search (