Jul 21, 2017


Walk: Seattle is a walkable city, particularly the waterfront and downtown areas which cover about 3 miles. Downtown is set up on a grid and is relatively easy to navigate with Elliot Bay to the West and the I-5 freeway to the East.

Bus: Seattle’s bus system is both extensive and reliable, making it a convenient option to walking the city. The bus tunnel runs between the International District and the Convention Center and is one of the quickest ways to travel through downtown. To get to Seattle’s neighborhoods, catch the buses on 1st and 3rd Avenues for north/south runs, and those on Pike, Pine, Seneca and Spring Streets for east/west runs. 206-553-3000

Seattle Center Monorail: The Monorail provides fun and convenient travel from the Space Needle to the downtown core. It departs every 10 minutes between 9 a.m.-11 p.m. from Seattle Center, (across from the Space Needle) and from Westlake Center, at 5th and Pine Street. Each trip takes two minutes to cover the 1 mile route. 206-441-6038