Punta del Este
Jul 23, 2017

Restaurants in Punta del Este


Choosing the right Restaurants in Punta del Este is a secret that only frequent travellers and locals know.

There are so many good options for lunchtime or dinner that you will only be able to visit a few and we are listing the best selection here to help you get the most of Punta del Este.

Get ready for the most exquisite flavors and the most impresive settings of Punta!

La Bourgogne French Cusine in Punta del Este  

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La Mansa   La Brava y bosque
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30 or less
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Bambara Maldonado

Bambara restaurant in Maldonado, Uruguay, is a place where customers are served by its owners, a father and a son with 40 years of experience as grillmasters. They offer a wide var...

30 or less
Lowest average price
Barra Alta La Barra

Sice 1990, Barra Alta is managed by its Owners, Rita and Daniel. It is a classic at "la Barra" with its entrées, including seafood, and delicious squid or shrimp in garlic. The bes...

60 and up
Lowest average price
Bungalow Suizo Brava y Bosque

Discover Switzerland in Punta del Este in a tyrol cabin where we have welcomed customers with the best of Swiss cuisine sice 1960. Our service will turn your visit into a moment t...

30 or less
Lowest average price
Charrúa Mansa

Our modern conception of gastronomy stands out for the artful desing and color of the presentation of luscious dishes and the flavor combination of fresh fine herbs with seafood an...

30 to 60
Lowest average price
La Bourgogne French Cusine in Punta del Este Brava y Bosque

Located in the best beach area of Punta del Este, La Bourgogne is this beautiful french restaurant at whic not only its outstanding service is a resemblance of the best of France, ...

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