Punta del Este
Jun 28, 2017

Punta del Este Uruguaymondoexplorer


One of the most beautiful seaside resorts of the continent, located in a privileged place,

surrounded by all the things that everything a tourist looks for when going on a pleasure

or business trip.

It has a 40 km coastline that forms a kind of arc and there you can find the

peninsula and its surroundings, and the “Brava" and "Mansa” beaches.

Neighborhoods like Cantegril, Aidy Grill, San Rafael, Parque del Golf and Beverly Hills

highlight the city architecture.

Also the amazing natural scenes allow you to perform water sports.

Punta del Este is the happy result of a combination of different factors. Great infrastructure,

"El Río de la Plata", the Atlantic Ocean, the great beaches, the forest and islands, houses,

mansions, shopping areas, casinos, routes, and an airport.








Sculpted by the artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, Casapueblo has become practically a cult object. Year after year is the destination of tourists’ pilgrimage into this building which doesn't know about straight lines. Those who have never entered can not leave Punta Ballena without visiting this incredible place and those who have already visited it have plenty of reasons to return. Music, ceramics, sculptures, paintings make a permanent exhibition in conjunction with corrugated walls which blend with the tones and the peace of the sea. 




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