Punta del Este
Jun 28, 2017


MALDONADO is the "Department" (County, Province) in Uruguay where Punta del Este is situated.

It stands along the shores of "EL Rio de la Plata" and the Atlantic Ocean, between 34 and 35

degrees south latitude. It covers an area of ​​4793 square kilometers in the southeast of Uruguay

and has a 100 kilometers coastline. Its gentle topography presents rolling slopes and hills that

cross Maldonado from north to south, separated by rivers and streams.

Here you can appreciate the highest points in the country, which are "Cerro Catedral"

(Cathedral Hill), 513 meters above sea level and "Cerro de las Animas" (Souls Hill) with 501 meters.

Three things make this place different: the sea, the hills, and the forest.





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From La Ballena to José Ignacio, Punta del Este offers beaches, pine forests, hills, and all kinds of cultural and social entertainment options. That is why Punta del Este is the best seaside resort in South America.



This Department has so much beauty and perfect areas to practice sports and to enjoy all year round. You can also find the best shopping Many resorts are located in Maldonado. That makes this region the major tourist destination in Uruguay.


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