Jul 23, 2017

Welcome to Portland

Portland prides itself on its local fare, and indeed, the places to enjoy a locally grown meal, sup a homegrown microbrew or coffee, or catch a live band might seem endless to any newcomer. A magnet for talented chefs and entrepreneurs, and a location that’s in close proximity to farms, dairies, and wineries, have put the once little-known city on the international directory of foodie havens. Portland seems to have adapted to its long rainy winters by planting scores of cozy coffee shops, microbreweries, and other waterproof hangouts, such as the countries’ largest independent bookstore, Powell’s Books which takes up a whole city block and can easily consume an entire day.

  Portland Skyline


Portland Outdoors

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage  

For those wanting to get outdoors, any local will remind you that the mountains, the woods and the beach are all within an hours’ drive.

Whether you’re a food and wine lover, a bibliophile, or an outdoorsy type, Portland has much to recommend. Just be sure to pack an extra bag when you go. Many who claim that they were just checking it out on the “way to Seattle,” never quite left.