Jul 26, 2017








Beach Day



 Panama Travel Guide

by MondoExplorer

Its SUMMER!  Thinking about escaping the polar vortex that seem to be enveloping the northern hemisphere?  Now is the best time to visit Panama.  

Days are warm and sunny with a cool breeze coming across the mountains.   This is the season that paradise is truly found here.  Wether you are thinking about coming to the city or spending time at the beach, you can't go wrong with summer.


The buzz on Panama continues to grow.  Explore our directory of great places to be and check out our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on things to do in Panama.  


For those of you looking for true adventure and maximum comfort, Panama is the place to be! More...

What to do in Panama



Featured attraction in Panama

Spending the Day in the City

Whether you love nature, wining and dining, exercise, or like me, all three, you will find something to enchant you in this tropical paradise with skyscrapers.


Check out what you can do with just a day in this remarkable city.  More