Jun 23, 2017

New Orleans Events and Tickets

New Orleans is host to some of the best music festivals and carnivals in the United States and, arguably, the world. Mardi Gras, of course, is a stand out, but there is also: Jazz Fest; The Satchmo Summer Fest; the Essence Music Festival; The Ponderosa Stomp; The Voodoo Music Experience, and much more. Not to mention holiday cheer to spare – Christmas Eve Bonfires; fun-filled Easter Parades; and Halloween spooks (after all, they say New Orleans is one of America’s most haunted cities). The list goes on an on: entire festivals dedicated to writers; weekends dedicated to food and wine; skies open for fireworks – January through December, there is always something going on.

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  Mardi Gras
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Bonfires on the River New Orleans

Christmas lights take on a whole new meaning when you consider Louisiana’s Bonfires. All along the Mississippi river from New Orleans to Donaldsville, there are structures built ab...

Caroling by Candlelight French Quarter

Sure, in the past, Jackson Square was used for executions and many a violent act was committed there, but not anymore, and definitely not in December. In fact, Christmas in New Orl...

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Celebration in the Oaks Mid City

Christmas Trees in New Orleans aren’t just pine trees, they’re also hundred-year-old oaks. Tradition has it that in City Park, the Oaks are lit and decorated with extravagant light...

Easter Parades French Quarter

Several parades shower themselves upon New Orleans on Easter morning. The first and extremely notable of these parades is the Gay Easter Parade, which is almost as over the top as ...

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Essence Music Festival New Orleans

Mostly known because of the big-name music industry celebs that make it out to New Orleans for the festival (Kanye West, Beyonce, John Legend, Ne-Yo, just to name a few), this Afri...

Fair Grounds Race Course Opening Day Mid City

There are plenty of things to do around Thanksgiving Day – Get those mashed potatoes ready; stir up that cornbread batter; baste that turkey…And go to the races! At least that’s ho...

Go 4th on the River French Quarter

The Place to be in New Orleans on the Fourth of July is here – it’s where you will catch the most fireworks and fierce fun. Music plays and the sky lights up in reds, whites, blues...

Mardi Gras French Quarter

There is no simple way to describe Mardi Gras. For those that have heard about it through the grapevine, or have been there in the past, they know that it is an endless field of de...

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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) Mid City

One of the best, most popular, and most populated music festivals around – Jazz Fest offers up a real treat for those that really dig their tunes. We’re talking Gospel to Zydeco; B...

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New Orleans Wine & Food Experience French Quarter

Think: over 150 wineries from around the globe, and nearly 100 Nola restaurants all bringing out their best for a city-wide tasting menu. NOWFE is a non-profit organization, which ...

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Ponderosa Stomp French Quarter

A chance for all the sidemen in rock n’roll and rhythm and blues to stomp it out again for a couple of nights. These are little-known legends in their own right – think along the l...

Satchmo Summer Fest French Quarter

Louis Armstrong (aka: Satchmo) is a true New Orleans legend, adored by a city that loves to honor him. The airport is named after him and there is a park named after him. So why no...

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Southern Decadence French Quarter

No one puts on a parade like a drag queen. Southern Decadence is, in a nutshell, a Gay Parade that happens on Labor Day Weekend. But, like so much in New Orleans, the parade extend...

St. Joseph’s Day French Quarter

Of its many inherited immigrant traditions, New Orleans took this one from the Italians. It is said that St. Joseph saved Sicily from starving – it’s no wonder that a city known fo...

St. Patrick’s Day French Quarter

If St. Joseph’s Day is the day the Italians brought with them, then St. Patrick’s is the day the Irish transferred overseas to celebrate in New Orleans. The festivities involve all...

Sugar Bowl Central Business District

It’s not just a football game. It’s a city-wide sporting event with ultimate fanfare to boot. While whatever two professional teams are set to play each other at the Superdome, the...

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Tales of the Cocktail French Quarter

Mixologists take out your shakers; drinkers, sippers, and cocktail aficionados prepare to be stirred – this event is exactly what it sounds like: an entire festival dedicated to th...

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Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival French Quarter

“Steeellllaaa!” – You can just hear it reverberating through the air around this time of year, in honor of Tennessee Williams’ birthday. The playwright lived in the south, and part...

Vieux-to-Do French Quarter

In New Orleans, everything’s a festival – and nowhere is that more clear than in this three-festival-in-one affair. Vieux-to-Do is a combination of three festivals in one: the Caju...

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Voodoo Music Experience Mid City

Think of this as the Alternative Version of Jazz Fest. Featured artists have included Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, REM, Jack Johnson, The Pixies, and John May...

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