Jun 28, 2017

Montevideo Nightlife


Montevideo offers you a night to live

and have fun.  All the options are at

hand. You can choose among activities

for all ages, live music, great gastronomy

and fun.

Discos, casinos and a variety of cultural

events make Montevideo’s night.

 The lovely fall nights are coming

and that means that this is an excellent

opportunity to enjoy what this

magnificent city can give you.                                    

El Hacha tango bar & restaurant

Montevideo at night

Live Show   Cocktails   Happy hour
Romantic   Young crow
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Alquimia Buceo

Alquimia was created so you can find a warm place in Montevideo when the nights are cold and boring. It is near the main points of our city. We adapt our environment to yours, com...

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Apartado Bar Buceo

Apartado Bar offers you a fun evening from Thursdays to Saturdays. Drinks, live music, great food at your disposal. It is located in Ciudad Vieja....

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Azabache Buceo

Azabache makes your night special, it offers you a live show and a friendly atmosphere which invites you to let go of your worries and your routine while you can share a traditiona...


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Café Bolero Buceo

Café Bolero is waiting for you. This place knows for sure how to please you. Fun is granted and you will be pleasantly surprised by the warmth of this place and the people there....

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Cimarrón Buceo

Cimarrón keeps on going with new proposals for Montevideo´s night. It offers you a great barbeque menu that surely will seduce you. Go out and find Cimarron....

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El Hacha Tango Bar & Restaurant Buceo

The Bar and Restaurant El Hacha (The Axe) is the oldest in Uruguay. Born as a General Store, along with the founding of the City of Montevideo. It was known for many years as the G...

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Fun Fun Centro

Fun Fun is that charming place you must know while you are in Montevideo, it is a place with history, memories, images. Its owners warmth makes Tango more than a simple musical sty...

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