Jun 28, 2017


Farms, orchards, country hotels, inns, stud farms. 

More than a hundred tourist farms can be found throughout the Uruguayan territory. We would like to recommend some of them for visiting during your stay in our country, or, if you are Uruguayan and want to enjoy the variety of rural activities proposed. You will spend a perfect day surrounded by all their charm. Feel close to the traditional “gaucho” and enjoy the freedom of riding through these eastern lands. The options are many regarding cuisine, accommodation and activities for all ages. Most of them offer a one day trip in the country, while others prefer a longer and cozy stay. Since the number of visitors is small, you will get personalized attention.




 San Pedro de Timote

San Pedro del Timote

Country hotel

One of Uruguay's oldest constructions, just 157 km away from Montevideo. Its Spanish style and its surroundings full of ancient trees make this place a lovely destination. The interesting proposals range from horseback riding to ping pong games. Rooms are fully equipped for your stay. Homemade food delights visitors with typical dishes.




 Haras La Perseverancia

Haras la Perseverancia

Horseback Riding

This establishment located in Costa Azul is a beautiful place. It is another of those delightful corners of our coast that combines the best of good horses (from endurance riding to horse rides for hire) with an appropriate cuisine in an unbeatable setting. It is even more convenient for its proximity to Montevideo. Its picturesque restaurant is surrounded by nature, and “asado” (traditional roasted meat) and bonfires are the highlights.





Gaucho for a day  (One day tour)

On this tour we will find the magic of gaucho‘s country life and the peacefulness of a friendly town. That is why the Uruguayan countryside is part of our tradition. "Asado", gaucho skills and activities, folk dances and games are some of the options to enjoy. In the afternoon, a traditional snack, "pastelitos" (pastries) with "mate". That is the rural life; Gaucho, the countryside, traditions, arts & crafts, and more. A tour to learn and enjoy.


Prices are in american dollars