Jun 23, 2017

Discover Miami and the beaches

Spirited, sexy and ever evolving, Miami is arguably the most exotic city within the 50 United States. From its kinetic clubs on South Beach to its postcard-perfect beaches, the Magic City offers to perfect mix of energy and calm. Born as a tourist spot in the 1920s, Miami has become one of the country’s most appealing destinations and is often referred to as "the gateway to South America" — que caliente!

Miami is a mixing pot of spicy sorts with strong Cuban, Latin American, Caribbean and European influences. A cultural smorgasbord, you can smoke a cigar and feel like you’re in Havana while rows of workers rip, cut and wrap giant tobacco leaves at El Credito Cigars in Little Havana. Savor an authentic Uruguayan parrillada at Las Vacas Gordas and tell friends back home you’ve eaten thymus glands (a.k.a. “sweetbreads”). You can also visit Little Haiti and buy a voodoo spell potion from one its many botanicas, or sample the goat stew from one of its teensy restaurants if you aren't feeling too adventurous.


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 When to go to Miami

Thanks to famously fabulous weather (our winters remain in the 70s), Miami is a year-round destination. However, most visitors flock to Miami from October to April. Why?



 How to get to Miami

Getting to Miami is easy. All major airline carriers fly to either Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.