Jul 21, 2017
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Ranch in Tupungato, Mendoza Tupungato

This ranch and two lodges are located in the midst of an spectacular mountain landscape. To stay there is a perfect experience. It offers an exceptional regional and internation...

Altus winery, Mendoza Tupungato

Altus Winery's vineyards are situated in the county of Tupungato, in the province of Mendoza. Nature is bountiful with wine there: the altitude, the weather, the austere soil and t...

La Posta de las Aguaditas, farm in Mendoza Tupungato

Spend a day in a farm located in the midst of the mountains in Las Carreras, LujŠn de Cuyo. This wonderful place combines all that is needed to spend a perfect day: amazing Los An...

Atamisque Winery Tupungato

Atamisque Winery is placed in a dremed fram for Mendoza because of it club of treet all around the land. It is said that the 15 hectares park surronding the family house was design...

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