Jul 26, 2017

Exploring Downtown Mendoza

The nerve center of the capital city of Mendoza lies within an area of approximately 150 blocks. As can be observed on the map, the structure of the city facilitates an easy orientation: parallel and perpendicular streets without diagonals, and city blocks very similar in size. Finding your way is not hard at all!

San Martín Avenue is the main street, and where it meets Garibaldi Street, this corner is known as the Kilometer Zero of the city.

San Martín Avenue divides Mendoza into two sectors, so that the streets to the east of this avenue change their names; for example, Garibaldi Street becomes Peatonal Sarmiento after crossing San Martín Avenue to the west.

Peatonal Sarmiento

Peatonal Sarmiento Mendoza

The pedestrian Sarmiento Street is perhaps the most visited walkway of downtown Mendoza. It is three blocks long and limited on one end by San Martín Avenue and on the other by the most important plaza of Mendoza: Plaza Independencia. Along this short distance you can find bars, restaurants,a variety of shops, banks and St. Nicholas Church.

  Mendoza - Downtown map


Most visited areas in Mendoza

Plaza Independencia - Mendoza

Downtown: covers the area delimited by Colón, Belgrano, San Martín and Las Heras Streets, which is where the majority of the shops and businesses are located.

Arístides Villanueva Street: A popular meeting spot for young people every night and an alternative shopping area during the day. When the weather permits, the restaurants, bars and pubs place tables on the sidewalks and when it is too cold, the fun moves inside!

General San Martin Park: The park is the main point of reunion for Mendocino athletes and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, the vegetation and the landscape while walking, jogging, skating, bicycle riding or any other type of sports.
Boulogne Sur Mer Street marks the entrance to the park.

Plaza Independencia: This is the city’s largest plaza, where visitors from Mendoza and abroad reunite to admire not only the green gardens, but also to enjoy the numerous attractions such as the Artisan Fair, Quintanilla Theater, Cornelio Moyano Museum, the playground and much more!

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