Jul 23, 2017

About Mendoza

It's not by chance you are here, "somebody" whispered the word MENDOZA in your ear, this word that means soil, warmth, colors. Someobdy awoke your curiosity, your need to get to know this city, surrounded by mountains and channels, "there...down south..."

Let us share the miracle of this encounter.

View of The Andes, Mendoza - photo: Gerardo Dalla Torre


Mendoza is a beautiful and unique province of the Argentine Republic; its mountains, its valleys, its rivers, all  offering places of unequal beauty, attracting tourists from all over the world. It is located at the base of the Andes mountain range, where you can admire the highest peak of America, the ACONCAGUA (6.962 mts), among huge mountains and condors that guard the summits.

It was founded on March 2nd, 1561 by the captain Pedro del Castillo, with the name Mendoza – Nuevo Valle de la Rioja at the valley then named Valle de Huentala, where the Huarpes natives lived.

The economic activity in Mendoza is linked to different industries (wine production, agricultural, metallurgical and oil extraction and refinement and it stands out as a tourist and university center. The rhythm of life in Mendoza is intense; it is a place where you can carry out all types of activities, from enjoying different shows at many theaters to a day at the mountains, skiing or climbing. It is especially fun for those who come to  Mendoza to visit the casinos, to fish, enjoy rafting, polo, golf, row, for adventure sports and, of course, to enjoy the best wines (“eigth wine capital”).

Mendoza population is approximately 1.370.000 and it is the quintessential tourist spot.


 Mendoza CAPITAL

The Capital of Mendoza is named the same: MENDOZA and, together with the departments of the metropolitana rea (16.692 km2): Las Heras, Godoy Cruz, Guaymallén, Luján and  Maipú,  they are part of the most important urban group of the Cuyo Region (Region of the Argentine Republic formed by the provinces of San Juan; Mendoza and San Luis).

Mendoza is considered an “oasis city” because of its wide sidewalks surrounded by tres and its irrigation ditches with babbling waters. Its tres are always standing firmly by the roads, stretching their arms out, forming green tunnels (many times of different colors), creating humidity, beauty and coolness. Passing through its streets and getting to know the daily effort of the people of Mendoza to overcome the desert, is enough to come for a visit.  



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