Jul 21, 2017
SEE & DO / CONALBI GRINBERG Casa Vinicola - Boutique Winery in Maipu
CONALBI GRINBERG Casa Vinicola - Boutique Winery in Maipu

Maza 1848,

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CONALBI GRINBERG Casa Vinicola, the first Boutique Winery of Argentina, produces only premium wines in small scale. Visit the “Casa Vinicola” for a wine tasting and to enjoy art and a peaceful retreat in Maipú, only 20 minutes from down town Mendoza.

Wine tastings

We invite you to come to visit our “Casa Vinicola” and taste our wonderful wines!
The visit takes a couple of hours. Visits are private and require booking in advanced.

Basic Tasting (tasting of 2 wines of recent harvest, both of classic profile)

Special Tasting (tasting of 2 wines, 1997 and 1999 harvest -or the harvest you choose- Both classic profile)

Premium tasting (tasting of 3 wines, you will be able to compare wines from recent harvest and from our Gran Reserve line)

Also you can enjoy homemade empanadas paired with our wines and a typical mendocinian dessert for an extra low rate.
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    Places with Soul:

    Conalbi & Grinberg Manor & Winery

    by Laura Yofe


    When it comes to traveling, the scope of interests regarding accommodation can be as wide as you can imagine: from large downtown chain hotels to private secluded homes hosted by the owners. Conalbi Grinberg Manor & Winery is exactly that: an experience that assures you not just great service and top amenities but also the luxury of making you feel as if you were home even when you are thousands of miles away. That is what I call place with soul.


    Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola by Laura Yofe

    Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola by Laura Yofe


    Luis Pablo Conalbi and Sergio Grinberg started their way into the wine business back in the early 2000. Most of their production went (and still goes) to the export market. Increasingly, their exporters kept on coming to Mendoza to visit them, which was why they decided to have a place of their own to host clients and friends. After doing some research they found this old vineyard and house in a gorgeous hidden spot in Maipu, and they immediately knew that was the place. It needed some renovation, of course, but the surrounding vineyards, the view of the Andes and the fresh air left no room for doubt.


    They did a great job. The house offers different areas for you to enjoy: the living room with a fire place as protagonist where you could spend hours reading a book, the perfect setting for a unique meal at the dining room, the well organized studio in case you need to catch up with your business (or taste their amazing wines as it works also as a small tasting room), an ample kitchen that prompts you to put hands to work in any given dish, and the gallery, yard and pool that invites you to relax and enjoy the quiet afternoon.

    Every spot is decorated in sophisticated style and attention to detail, impressive pieces of furniture and inspiring paintings of Haydee Peña y Lillo (Luis Pablo’s mother and outstanding Mendocinean painter) and sculptures made by Luis Pablo himself.

    Both guest suites overlook the yard and vineyards. Can you imagine what if feels like to wake up with that view and birds singing in your terrace?

    Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola by Laura Yofe

    However, the true secret goes beyond all the above. Fact is that Luis Pablo and Sergio, some of the greatest hosts in Mendoza, always go off the beaten path to make your stay memorable and help you feel at home, even when you are miles away.

    So if you are the type of traveler who enjoys unique places, don’t hesitate, Conalbi Grinberg is definitely a place with soul.


    by Laura Yofe - Southernmost Journeys


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