Jun 27, 2017
SEE & DO / CarinaE - Boutique Winery in Mendoza
CarinaE - Boutique Winery in Mendoza

Videla Aranda 2899 - Cruz de Piedra, 5517

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When: Open seven days a week.
Visits and wine tastings start every hour, from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
This “Boutique” winery has a vat capacity of 260,000 liters. The vats are made of concrete, epoxy coated repaired vats, located inside a new building. There is also a wine cellar, at present containing 25.000 litres of French oak casks. It has at its disposal the necessary technology for the elaboration of high-quality wines.

• The total wine process, from the management of the vineyards to bottling, is supervised by Michel Rolland’s team in Mendoza, via his consultant firm named Enorolland.

Activities for tourists

• Guided tours (in English, Spanish or French) and tasting of three wines: Rosé Malbec 2009, Malbec red wine 2008 and Octans 2007.

• It is also possible to taste the complete line.

• Available tables for pic-nic. There is a bakery in front of the winery

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