Jun 28, 2017

Down Town Mar del Plata"Centro"

The neighborhood centro is the popular area in Mar del Plata. Like in large cities, is where you would find all the financial organizations, most of the business offices and many other "Down town traditional affairs".

Also La Calle San Martin is an eight street long walking streap of business, shopping, restaurants and entretainment.



Saints Pedro and Cecila Cathedral

The Cathedral of Mar del Plata, A Catholic church that it has become a tourist attraction even for non beleavers that like the architecture of this traditional european style holy building.


Mar del Plata Cathedral Mondoe explorer city guide,


Pictures by Hugo Porro

Cathedral in Mar del Plata, the Basilic os St. Pedro and St. Cecilia

Located in La Calle San Martin, in Down Town Mar del Plata, is a central point and a good photo opportunity.

Mar del Plata Cathedral Mondoe explorer city guide,


Selection in Centro de Mar del Plata

Item 1 Gran Hotel Iruna *****
Item 2 NH Gran Hotel Provincial *****
Item 3 Casino *****
Item 4 Los Gallegos Shopping mall *****
Item 5 Havanna Alfajores *****

 Theater in Mar del Plata

Most Theaters are located in Down town Mar del Plata, and they host the most diverse play list.

During the summer months, Mar del Plata becomes the capital of the shows in Argentina, with plenty of options to choose from.

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