Jun 28, 2017

Mar del Plata

Highlights of the city

Mar del Plata is the perfect combination of metropolis and nature. Located 251 miles (404 km) from Buenos Aires, it has become one of the preferred destinations for local weekend tourists. Also, its tourist infrastructure has positioned the city as the main destination spot, after Buenos Aires, for congresses and conventions.

Mar del Plata Accommodations

A great range of sports facilities accommodate visitors who want to take part or just want to watch.

There is something going on every week of the year, so even in the low season you will find enough entertainment.

Mar del Plata Hotels

Mar del Plata Activities

Not only can you enjoy the typical vacation tours, shopping malls, theme parks, or museums, but you also have access to the typical estancias where visitors get in contact with the Pampas and discover Argentina’s traditional background.

Mar del Plata activities




Mar del Plata Shopping

Of course, shopping is a big part of every vacation, and Mar de Plata offers a wide variety of shops that sell merchandise, such as woolen fabrics, leather clothes and accessories, jewelry, perfumes, just to name a few, for all price ranges.

Mar del Plata Shopping

Mar del Plata Restaurants

The variety of theme restaurants and ethnic groups has given the city the reputation as one of the country's best gastronomic centers.

If you are not tired after a great dinner in one of the recommended restaurants, you have a wide range of choices for all ages and tastes: casinos, bingo halls, clubs, pubs, theaters and much more.

Mar del Plata Restaurants

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