Jun 25, 2017

Los Angeles Nightlife

Entire books have been written on the nightlife scene in Los Angeles. Television shows make their profits on following its ups and downs (where would TMZ be without its late-night celebrity stalking and club-hopping?). Movie plots have centered on the drama of L.A.’s club scene. Careers have been made (and destroyed), and stars have emerged (and disappeared, or, with the more unfortunate, some have gone down in flames before our very eyes), all between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Los Angeles. Since many of L.A.’s much-sought-after “in” night spots don’t seem to have long-shelf lives, keep up with our extensive list of the best spots to party the night away. There are a few tried and true staples, but most crop up fast, burn with a furious heat, and then extinguish before you know it. We’ll let you know which ones are old faithfuls (L.A. is ferociously proud of its “dive” bars, for example, so count on many of these making an appearance on our list) and which ones you should rush out and enjoy before they fade away into L.A. oblivion, only to be memorialized as the background to some paparazzo’s “gotchya” celeb picture of the week.

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