Jul 26, 2017

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting and enticing travel destinations in the world. Obviously, savvy travelers have discovered this city, since well over 37.5 million visitors make their way to Vegas each year. Like many uninformed travelers contemplating a visit to Vegas, I was reluctant to venture to “Sin City” with its undeserved reputation of smoke-filled casinos and dodgy characters. After numerous enjoyable return trips, I can sincerely testify to Vegas’ charms and attractions that go far beyond the “seamy” image many hold of this amazing city. What “happens in Vegas” is really worth the trip—whether it be the exotic resorts, the enticing casinos, the wealth of fabulous restaurants, or the sheer physical beauty of the surrounding areas. The city (which is actually over 100 years old) offers countless exciting events and adventures to couples, singles, and families alike, adding new sights and delights constantly. While the “Strip” is the destination for most visitors, there are other locales worth exploring, from the vistas of the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead to the UNLV campus, from the snow capped foothills to Hoover Dam to Red Rock Canyon and back to the largest hotel complexes in the States (17 of the 20 largest hotels in the U.S. are in Vegas!). Where else can you experience Venice, Paris, New York City, Egypt and the Middle Ages all in one day? Where else can you explore art galleries, a motor speedway, wax museums, and haute couture clothing galleries within a five mile area? Only in Vegas!

The nightlife is just as amazing and never ends, with most clubs and venues open until dawn. The variety of clubs reaches from Red Square, where the entire bar is made from ice and vodkas flow freely, to the Aureole where “wine angels” fly up to fetch your selections.

The expanse of hotel/resorts can take days to explore and offer the visitor glimpses of St. Mark’s Square complete with gondola rides on the second floor of the Venetian to the seven pools and Shark reef of Mandalay Bay. The Wynn and Encore, the latest resorts to appear on the Strip, are overwhelming with extravagant chandeliers and expansive in-door gardens and waterfalls. Away from the Strip, The Cannery (near the Las Vegas Speedway) is a well-kept secret offering dramatic 25-feet-high doors opening to its exotic pool area.


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