Jun 27, 2017


Explore Fort Lauderdale Florida

No longer known as party central for spring breakers, Ft. Lauderdale finally evolved beyond this tired, worn-out stereotype, much to the relief of the locals who know what a gem the city really is. It’s hard to believe that we are basically an entire generation away from the 80s in Lauderdale, when the city was at the height of its spring break fever, and while there is no question that its beaches, restaurants, and bars will always draw tourists (for good reason), Ft. Lauderdale has emerged nearly twenty years later from the spring break haze seemingly unscathed and, might we even say, better than it’s ever been? In fact, we’re so impressed with the strides that Ft. Lauderdale has made over the last decade that it’s on our radar as one of the most inviting and sophisticated--yes, we said sophisticated--places to visit in Florida. Simply count the private yachts that line its ports and winding waterways, and you’ll have a good idea of the kind of crowd that has replaced MTV’s rowdy spring break crew, and not a moment too soon, we might add.


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