Jun 23, 2017


Fort Lauderdale Florida

Compared with many other South Florida destinations, Fort Lauderdale seems to somehow have evolved over the years into the perfect combination of its neighboring tourist counterparts. Considerably more relaxed and laidback than Miami, Fort Lauderdale still manages to offer a wider array of travel activities and itineraries when compared with the uber-laidback Keys or with the golf-oriented, quite expensive crowd in Naples. And, with an ever-bourgeoning social scene, upscale dining and hotel options, and several impressive cultural venues, Fort Lauderdale strikes a unique balance between urban modernity and sophistication and stress-free, peaceful beach living.

In recent years, Fort Lauderdale has also become one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations for the GLBT community, with many businesses and industries in the area encouraging a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for visitors.


When to go to Fort Lauderdale

The best season in Ft. Lauderdale (and many South Florida destinations) are those months between the beginning of November and the end of April. Temperatures hover in the mid 80s instead of high and humid 90s, you’ll avoid the rainy season (and hurricane season)...



How to get to Fort Lauderdale

The airport offers non-stop flights to over 55 cities and international flights to the Caribbean, South America, among other countries. T