Jul 23, 2017


Dallas is literally saturated with bars, nightclubs, and dance clubs, which not only means that there’s always some place to see and be seen, but it also means that all of these choices can leave even the locals wondering where to go (and, perhaps more importantly, where not to go). Keep in mind here that one club or bar can be a disappointing dud on Thursday night, but then become the place to be on Friday – typical Dallas for you.

Also, since Dallas is, after all, a college town, you will find a lot in the line of college bars (Milo Butterfingers and The Loon are prime examples), but don’t assume that frat bars and honky-tonks are all that the city has to offer (for a truly authentic Western bar experience, you’re better off in Fort Worth). Dallasites pride themselves on their tastes, tastes in fashion, food, and politics, just to name a few, and, of course, this taste extends to the cocktail hour, which can be had here at some of the swankiest spots in the South.  

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