Jul 26, 2017

When to go to Dallas


As far as the weather is concerned, temperatures dip into the 30s and below during the winter months (roughly December through February) and can climb into the high 90s or even 100s in the summertime (July is the city’s hottest month and also ushers in the region’s severe weather season). But with average daily temperatures in the mid-60s, Dallas is usually temperate and comfortable.

Christmastime Dallas-style is something to witness as the pristine Park Cities neighborhoods (Highland Park and University Park) display the final result of thousands of man hours (and thousands of dollars) worth of work as they turn the decadent, perfectly manicured facades into a light-drenched winter wonderland.


Football Season in Dallas


Keep in mind that football, especially college football, in the South is not just a sport, it’s a religion. So if you’re interested in worshipping along with the rest of them, one of the most lively times to be in the city (even if you don’t attend the game) is during the annual Red River Shootout game in the fall between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners at the famous Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas. Thousands flood the city with painted faces, loud voices, and money to spend, so even if you’re not a fan, you’ll be sure to enjoy packed bars, restaurants, and the like during this festive weekend. This year, the game is scheduled for October 17th.  





When to take your family to Dallas



If you’re in to planning your vacation according to what’s going on around town, the annual State Fair of Texas is a staple in Dallas that has ushered in the fall season for the city since 1886! This 24-day state fair takes place from Sept. 25 – Oct. 18 and offers everything from live concerts, a mega-sized auto show, livestock exhibits, and, of course, tons of rides and food. While it’s true that most state fairs are no reason to make travel plans, the state fair in Dallas is so massive, so popular, and so beloved that it does give you a unique understanding of the ambience and the people in this Texas town.