Jul 21, 2017

How to move around Dallas


The three main sources of transportation once you are in Dallas are car, bus and train. However, if you are staying in an area like Uptown or perhaps even Downtown, you might be able to get by with trekking it on foot (although you will miss much of the city if you do) and taking the trolleys.



Take the Trolley in Dallas

If you are sticking close to Uptown and Downtown – two of the most popular destinations for younger, active crowds looking for clusters of restaurants, bars, galleries and museums, upscale boutiques and designer hotels – the historic M-Line Streetcar rides up and down McKinney Avenue (the main street that runs through Uptown). The ride is free, and because Uptown is essentially the most popular place to go out in Dallas, the streetcar is an extremely popular mode of transportation for locals who want to sample the restaurants and bars but don’t want to worry about the drive home. Let’s put it this way, if your hotel is in Uptown (and some of Dallas’ finest are located here), you must acquaint yourself with the Streetcar. Not only is it a unique experience, but it’s also the best and easiest way to get around the neighborhood. Trust me, even the locals love it.


Bike and Hike Trails in Dallas

  Although you’d be hard-pressed to run into anyone in Dallas who doesn’t own a car, the number of hike and bike trails here are seemingly endless. According to the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, who also offer maps of each park and trail system at their website www.dallasparks.org, they maintain over 60 miles of jogging and bike trails at over 24 locations in Dallas. The most popular of these trails is by far the trail at White Rock Lake, Dallas’ most frequented urban lake located in the charming and quirky neighborhood of Lakewood just east of I-75. The lake, which also happens to offer a variety of activities like sailing or canoeing, is surrounded by nearly 10 miles of scenic trail where you will always, especially on the weekends, find hundreds of Dallasites either biking, skating, or making their way on foot around the lake. The Katy Trail, which runs from Highland Park down through the southernmost point in Uptown, is also an extremely popular urban trail in Dallas that has received a lot of improvements and attention over the last few years. To obtain detailed maps of the trails throughout Dallas, we suggest that you contact the Parks dept. at 214-670-4100. If you choose to see the city via trail routes, be sure to keep a few of their most useful tips in mind: always keep to the right of the trail, except when passing, in which case, you should move to the left; always yield to pedestrians; keep children close to you and no more than two or three abreast as they are walking; and remember to keep any and all pets on leashes as you travel.