Jul 21, 2017

How to get to Dallas


Dallas houses two major airports, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Texas Love Field Airport. DFW is a massive construction that covers nearly 30 square miles of land (making it larger than the entire island of Manhattan, New York) located just north of the city between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. It offers international and national flights daily from its some 20 airlines, and the nearly 164,000 passengers that pass through daily have access to the airport’s high-speed Skylink airport train connecting all terminals and also the on-site Grand Hyatt DFW hotel or the Hyatt Regency DFW. As the only airport in the world with three control towers, this gives you an idea of the high-volume traffic that comes through DFW every day. The airport has one main road, International Parkway, which runs north to south through the entire length of the property. All parking areas and the hotels are accessible via International Parkway.


Going from DFW into Dallas

Getting from DFW into the city of Dallas is not much of a hassle, as there are several services, from taxis to car rentals to the rail system, located at the airport to take you into the city.

Although it is a much smaller airport, Dallas Love Field can be infinitely more convenient than DFW if you can find a flight that travels here. Located just west of the Park Cities and Uptown – two of Dallas’ most popular and prestigious neighborhoods – Love Field is also only minutes from Downtown. As at DFW, Love Field offers several rental car companies, three shuttle services, taxi services (located on the upper level across the street from the baggage claim), and DART bus service. But again, if your stay in Dallas is more than just a night or two, renting a car is the best way to enjoy all that this sprawling, Texas-sized city has to offer. For more assistance with transportation to and from Love Field, contact the airport’s transportation coordinator at 214-670-6148.



DFW Terminals A, B, C, and E are for domestic flights, while international travelers use terminal D.



The Skylink train connects you to most all points at DFW and is especially useful for switching terminals.

Getting to Dallas by Car

If you happen to be driving in to the city, Interstate 30 will bring you in from the East; from the North, you’ll be traveling on I-35; from the West you either take I-40 or I-20; and from the South you’ll hit I-45 North to get into the city. Keep in mind that two of the most important freeways when you’re in or nearing the city are I-75, which runs North to South right through the center of the city, and I-635, which makes a near loop around the city and can be convenient to take if you are driving in and want to avoid traveling through the city center to get to the other side.



Getting to Dallas by Helicopter

  For another and perhaps more adventurous option, consider that Dallas is now home to the world’s largest urban elevated heliport which includes a dual deck that can accommodate up to three helicopters at a time. The Dallas Heliport is designed for public use and is open seven days a week. Typically, law enforcement, media, and traffic helicopters fly in and out here, but it is also available for private individuals, charters, and private companies. The heliport is located at 801 S. Lamar St. (at the south end of the Convention Center). For more information, call 214-670-4338.