Jul 21, 2017

Dallas Travel Tips


•    Considering that one third of Dallas’ population is Latino, it might benefit to brush up on your Spanish before you go.
•    The food scene in Dallas has become one of the most talked-about aspects of the city for locals and in the media. With over 7,000 restaurants, be prepared to be overwhelmed by choices. See our Eat section for a list of our favorites, which might help you narrow your selection. Standard tipping in the Dallas service industry is between 15 and 20 percent.
•    If you are parlaying your vacation into a business trip, take note that the DFW metroplex is home to 24 Fortune 500 companies.
•    Time Zone: Dallas is located in the Central Time Zone in North Central Texas.
•    Mileage Facts: Dallas is located 245 miles north of Houston and 300 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.
•    Earlier this year, a smoke-free workplace law was extended in Dallas to prohibit smoking in bars (it’s already illegal in restaurants), so don’t expect to light up any time soon unless you can find a place with a patio or outdoor terrace.
•    Safety Tips:
1.    Before traveling, copy all credit cards, airline tickets, and important documents, front and back.
2.    When out for the day, check your laptop at the front desk where they can place it in a safety deposit box, as opposed to leaving it in your hotel room.

•    One of the most common crimes in Dallas, particular in the Downtown and Uptown areas where parallel and street parking is most common, is car burglary. This past April it was reported that many of these car break-ins in Uptown are occurring as thieves access the interior of the car through the sunroof, so if you’re planning on renting a car, it might be best to choose one without this feature. Also, be sure to park in a well-lit, well-populated area, and always remove anything of value from your car when you leave it.

Important Phone Numbers

AAA Emergency Road Service 214-528-7481
National Weather Service: 214-787-1111
Emergency/Police: 911
Dallas Yellow Cab taxi service: 214-426-6262

Severe Weather

Severe weather is not rampant in Dallas, but it is a yearly part of the weather patterns, particularly between the months of March through August. Tornadoes are perhaps the most dramatic weather events to witness in Texas, and also the scariest, especially if you’re not familiar with this type of weather. Dallas has in place an emergency siren system throughout the city, so if the clouds are looking ominous and you hear a loud siren sounding off, it’s most likely signaling that a tornado has been spotted. If this occurs, experts advise you to go to the lowest level of a building and to the most interior room, to stay away from windows, and to seek shelter under something sturdy and unlikely to collapse. If you happen to be traveling by car in Dallas and see a funnel cloud or hear the siren, it’s best to leave your vehicle and seek shelter in a building. If you are unable to reach a building, go to a ditch or low-lying area. Tornadoes in Dallas aren’t anything to panic over, but it’s a weather pattern that does exist and that travelers should be aware of, especially during those peak severe weather months.