Jul 26, 2017
EAT / Cafe Tortoni Buenos Aires
Cafe Tortoni Buenos Aires

Avenida de Mayo 825,
Tel: 54-11- 43424328

Dress Code: Informal
Payment: Major Credit Cards Accepted
Founded in 1858, Café Tortoni is the oldest coffee shop in the whole
country. With a very rich history, it is visited at all times by intellectuals, politicians and artists.

Going into the Tortoni to have a cup of coffee, to meet someone there, to attend any of the innumerable cultural functions offered there, is getting into the very kernel of tradition. Tradition is not the past. Tradition, transmission, comes from tradere, to give. Tradition is the offering of the best of the past to the men of the present and the future. It is not only in the walls of the Tortoni -which in themselves are worthy of a museum- but mainly in the spiritual climate that its management has wisely created, that the best of our porteńo past can be found. And one day we shall find the best of the present there, once it has aged enough. The tourist who arrives in Buenos Aires has the entire city in the Tortoni: the past, in its walls; the present, sitting at its tables; the future, in the enthusiasm of the people who work there for the sake of culture.
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  • Smoking area
  • Close to downtown area
  • No parking
  • Off street parking
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  • Cafe
  • Nice for Drinks too
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • 30 or less
  • Lunch
  • Late Dining
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  • Frequented by Locals

  • Prices are in american dollars