Jun 27, 2017



Getting to know Bogotá completely (and probably any other large city in the world) is an impossible task, not only for its vastness, diversity, richness and complexity, but also because it is updated every day and - since it was founded as a city until today – it hasn’t stop expanding its horizons. Yet, there are ways to become familiar with it and optimize the most of your visit.





Transmilenio has really change the citizens of Colombian's capital life style. It is probably the fastest way of transportation in a place famous because of the chaos lead by huge traffic jams that form throughout the city. It's not a metro and it's not a bus. It's both. And since it's inauguration until today everyone agrees that is the best solution until a major transport system can be developed.

Explore La Candelaria

The Candelaria district is probably the most charming in the city; its cobbled streets, the elderly air that exudes, the variety of colors of its aged houses, and the perfect adaptation of the traditional forms to those of modernity, make it a magical place. In addition to its beauty, it has an important cultural and historical heritage, for which it was declared patrimony in 1963 and it is a basic point of reference when talking about the city. You will find, in addition to a unique bohemian atmosphere and nostalgia, an ideal place to enjoy the good nightlife of Bogota.




Explore Chapinero

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Chapinero was a place close to the city where the wealthier families had large farms, houses and recreational fifths countryside. Over time, it was incorporated into the capital to be fully part of it. For the second half of the century, it was an important area in which the wealthiest living in spacious and graceful houses.


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