Jul 23, 2017

Bogotá Basic Information by Mondo




Nowadays, Bogota is a city more alive, less gray and less cold than in the past. It's story is read on the streets of the old districts (such as La Candelaria) which still preserve the splendor of yesteryear in the customs that remain (such as eating a Ajiaco, a traditional chocolate, or even going up to Monserrate kneeling) and those who have left the visits of foreigners who already feel like Bogota. Its cultural offerings can be seen in dozens of museums, libraries, galleries, cinemas, bookstores, festivals and fairs and it is made. Nature, in one lung as is the Parque Simón Bolívar, the technological advances. The splendor and Field where you can find vital Candelaria, Monserrate, the large lung Parque Simón Bolívar, Maloka and areas of the most distinguished restaurants. Let the power of the sky of a city located at the top of the range.


Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay

If all you know about Colombia is the distressing news you hear on TV or read in the newspapers, you're missing the charm, history and culture of this fascinating country.

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Colombia 2025


Colombia2025 video is more than a form to imagine to our country, is a form to be inspired by him  it made you feel something, begins to construct already from your own vision of Colombia that we want in the 2025

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